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Powerstroke Repair in Goleta, CA

Power Stroke Repair in Goleta, CA

A brief history of Powerstroke Engines

Power Stroke engines are powerful and reliable diesel engines manufactured by Ford and Navistar. Ford ended the partnership with Navistar in 2010 and took over all production of the Power Stroke engine. Many fans of this engine remember the 7.3 litre Power Stroke diesel engine for its power and capabilities. However, as EPA emissions regulations began to get stricter, Ford announced the 6.2 litre engine, claiming that it has the same amount of power but emits less pollutants. Unfortunately, these engines were not as reliable as the original 7.3 litre engine, so Ford created the 6.4 litre engine. Eventually, Ford decided to end the partnership with Navistar and started producing more technologically advanced and fuel efficient engines. Ford created the 6.7 litre engine with a new turbo that achieves 400hp and 800lb ft of torque, which is extremely powerful. Today, the Power Stroke engine has come a long way to provide customers with powerful engines that will serve all of your work needs.


Many owners of these Ford vehicles that use this strong engine find it very capable for all of their needs. Some models that include a Power Stroke engine include:


  • Ford Super Duty: This truck is extremely powerful with great towing capacities. 
  • Ford Excursion: The Ford Excursion is a full-sized SUV, which is the longest and heaviest SUV ever put in mass production.
  • Ford E-Series/Econoline: This is a versatile and configurable full-sized van. They were designed as passenger and cargo vans, but now it is only offered in a cutaway van chassis.
  • Ford F-Series: The Ford F-series is a series of trucks from Ford. They can range from light-duty trucks to chassis cab trucks, medium-duty trucks, and heavier-duty trucks.
  • Ford Transit: The Ford Transit is a full-size passenger and/or cargo van. They are primarily used for commercial cargo purposes. 


Your Reliable shop for Power Stroke Engine repair

When the time comes to bring your Power Stroke engine in for repairs, you can bring your car to DSX Test Shop 7 in Goleta. We take a dignified and sensitive approach to auto repair, treating each and every customer with respect. We are very transparent about the services we think your vehicle needs and will never recommend any service that isn't absolutely necessary. We at DSX Test Shop 7 understand how important your vehicle is for your day-to-day work life. Even though Power Stroke engines are very capable and fit all of your work needs, eventually, they will need to get looked at by one of our technicians to ensure its functioning properly. If you are in US or surrounding areas, don't hesitate to bring your Power Stroke engine to DSX Test Shop 7 today! Test: Reasons You Should Do Business With Us:

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To make an appointment with DSX Test Shop 7 in Goleta, you can give us a call at 206-427-8356 or do so online at DSX Test Shop 7 - Test Slogan

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