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Mack Repair in Goleta, CA

Mack Repair

Mack Trucks is an American truck manufacturer company that was established in 1900 in Brooklyn, New York. The company started after three brothers, John “Jack” Mack, Gus Mack, and William Mack bought a carriage building company. They then built a bus for a tourism company and started their successful business from there. During World War I, the British army purchased 150 Mack ACs for their troops and were very impressed with their performance. This led to the British giving the nickname “Bulldog Macks” and led to the company having a bulldog as its corporate symbol. The company grew even more in the 1950s after World War II when the United States began constructing the interstate highway system. Mack trucks manufacture extremely strong and capable trucks and are instantly recognizable with its bulldog symbol and design. In 2000, the Volvo Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of trucks, bought Mack Trucks and Renault Trucks. Today, Mack Trucks is North America’s largest manufacturer of class 8 trucks and are sold to approximately 45 different countries. These trucks can be seen in icy roads, construction sites, and long stretches of highway. Mack Trucks are extremely popular and have appeared in different movies such as Disney/Pixars’s Cars movie series and Transformers.


Mack Trucks Today

Today, Mack Trucks offers many different models of trucks for different work needs. These include: 

  • Mack Anthem: The Mack Anthem is an aerodynamic truck that is designed for easy and efficient hauling. 
  • Mack Pinnacle: The Pinnacle’s rugged design and strong engine is used for heavy hauling, flatbed and lowboy, and regional hauling.
  • Mack Granite: The Mack Granite is a light and agile truck, yet it is a strong workhorse on the road and the jobsite. 
  • Mack Granite MHD: MHD stands for medium heavy duty. This truck can tackle different types of jobs all in a lighter package.
  • Mack LR: With its large windows and the cab lower to the ground, this truck is easy to maneuver in tighter streets. 
  • Mack TerraPro: This rugged truck is the toughest cabover in the industry designed for heavy loading and construction sites all while being very nimble. 
  • Mack MD Series: This medium duty truck comes in three different models: MD6, MD6 Low Profile, and MD7. The truck is well suited for many different applications and terrains. 


Your Quality Mack Truck Repair Shop

Mack Trucks are known for their dependability and power. Even though they are designed to withstand different types of terrain, applications, and weight, eventually these trucks will need to get service done to keep them well functioning. When it is time to take a look at your truck, bring your truck to DSX Test Shop 7 in Goleta. At DSX Test Shop 7, we work hard to ensure that your truck is under the best care it can receive. Our Exceptional technicians go through extensive training to provide the best service for your truck. Test: Reasons You Should Do Business With Us

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If you are in or near Goleta, feel free to give us a call at 206-427-8356 or go online at to schedule an appointment with us at DSX Test Shop 7! DSX Test Shop 7 - Test Slogan

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