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Peterbilt Repair in Goleta, CA

Peterbilt Repair in Goleta

A brief history of Peterbilt 

Peterbilt Motors Company is an American truck manufacturer that was founded in 1939. The company started off by manufacturing trucks for the Pacific Northwest in Tacoma, Washington for the lumber industry. Founder T.A. Peterman looked to find a truck that would take his inventory from his lumber mill quickly and efficiently. He then created the Model 334 and Model 260, both extremely durable trucks. During World War II, Peterbilt made the Model 364 for the military. After the war, Peterbilt grew and took on many new opportunities. They updated many of their models with a bubble-nose and cab-over-engine design, designed the iconic red bubble logo, and in 1958, Pacific Car & Foundry (PACCAR) bought Peterbilt. Throughout the 60s, we see new models such as the strong and lightweight Model 352, the classic Model 359, and the introduction of its Peterbilt bird hood ornament. In the 80s, Peterbilt built a manufacturing facility in Denton, Texas where their corporate headquarters are located today. From this point onward, Peterbilt expanded rapidly by creating new engines and models such as the famous Model 379 and Model 387. Today, Peterbilt is more than 80 years old and offers a wide variety of trucks to cater to many different needs.


Peterbilt today:

Peterbilt offers many different on-highway trucks, vocational trucks, and medium-duty trucks. These include:


  • 579: This on-highway truck is Peterbilt’s most aerodynamic truck. It had advanced predictive cruise control and a huge sleeper cabin.
  • 389: The 389 is an on-highway truck that has the classic American highway truck design. It has Peterbilt’s advanced PACCAR MX-13 engine that helps save up to 4% in fuel economy.


  • 567: The 567 is a heavy-duty truck that comes in many different configurations for your work needs.
  • 520: This low cab forward truck will serve all your needs on the worksite with its durable aluminum cab and steel frame.
  • 367: The 367 is a versatile heavy-duty truck that has all the latest features and great visibility.
  • 365: The 365 is a durable and reliable truck that is used as a concrete mixing and transportation truck.

Medium Duty

  • 348: The 348 has custom configurations for all your work needs. It is efficient and comes with Peterbilt’s latest technology such as SmartNav
  • 337: The 337 is a class 7 truck/tractor. It can be configured to be a wrecker, tanker, and more.
  • 330: This medium duty truck has a single axle that allows it to be extremely maneuverable. 
  • 325: The 325 is a class 5 truck that can be used for delivery, landscaping, and more.
  • 220: The 220 has a low cab forward design that makes the truck compact, yet powerful for all your needs.


Your Quality Truck Repair Shop

If your Peterbilt truck needs any repairs, come take your truck to DSX Test Shop 7 in Goleta. Our Reliable technicians go through extensive truck repair training. At DSX Test Shop 7, our number one goal is complete customer satisfaction, and we will make sure your truck is taken care of with top-notch service and also efficiently and cost-effectively. We understand how important your truck is to your work life so we will give your truck the best care possible that it deserves. 


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If you are in Goleta or surrounding areas, feel free to give us a call at 206-427-8356 or go online at to schedule an appointment at DSX Test Shop 7 today! DSX Test Shop 7 - Test Slogan.

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